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"Sun Dance" by Sigmund Brouwer (2000) - REVIEW

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This week's pick is the third novel in Sigmund Brouwer's 'Sam Keaton Legends of Laramie' series; 'Sun Dance'. Also check out my reviews of the first two books: 'Evening Star' and 'Silver Moon'.
Back Cover Blurb:
Someone wants Samuel Keaton dead. Naturally, ever since he pinned on a badge he's had to overcome lots of bad intentions. But this time the danger seems to be coming from the very officials who hired him to guide them to Sioux territory.
Too late, Keaton discovers that this is no ordinary expedition. And when Sioux women and children are slaughtered in a calvary raid, the finger of blame points squarely at him. Neither his honorary status as blood brother or the efforts of a chief's beautiful granddaughter can forestall the results of a Sun Dance-the legendary and gruesom revenge ceremony.
To survive means living through the darkest days of his fledgling faith. And unless Keaton finds the real culprit, the whole territory may erupt in senseless violence.

The third novel in Sigmund Brouwer's 'Sam Keaton Legends of Laramie' series brings Sam and his readers face to face with fear, shame, guilt, hurt and temptation. After agreeing to accompany a military expedition into Sioux country in hopes of reconnecting with his love and fulfilling his militray debt, Sam's world is rocked beyond comprehension. Death would be welcome and is only avoided time and again by God's grace and the help of faithful friends countless times. Will Sam be able to bounce back and continue with life in Laramie? This is another intriguing and fast paced novel that continues the adventures of Sam Keaton and keeps the reader coming back for a little more.

My Rating: 4/5

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