1.     Arnold, Matthew- The Works of
2.     Avison, Margaret- Concrete and Wild Carrot  
3.     Blake, William- Selected Poems
4.     Browning, Robert- The Works of
5.     Buckley, Amy- Heart Strings
6.     Burns, Robert- The Works of
7.     Charlesworth, Roberta A & Lee, Dennis (edited by)- An Anthology of Verse
8.     Cohen, Leonard- Book of Mercy
9.     Coleridge, Samuel Taylor- Selected Poems
10.  Duriez, Colin (compiled by)- The Poetic Bible
11.  Housman, A.E.- The Works of
12.  Kipling, Rudyard- Selected Poems
13.  Longfellow, Henry Wadsorth- Evangeline
14.  Longfellow, Henry W,- The Works of
15.  Lord Macaulay- The Works of
16.  McKay, Don- Camber: Selected Poems
17.  Paterson, ‘Banjo’- The Works of
18.  Rochester, The Earl of- The Works of
19.  Rosetti, Christina- Selected Poems
20.  Service, Robert- A Little of, vol.1
21.  Service, Rovert- A Little of, vol.2
22.  Service, Robert- The Best of
23.  Spenser, Edmund- The Works of
24.  Swinburne, Algernon Charles- The Works of
25.  Thomas, Edward- The Works of
26.  Volk, Stephen- Musings of a Meadowlark
27.  Volk, Stephen- 21st Century Sonnets
28.  Weems, Ann- Psalms of Lament
29.  Whitman, Walt- Selected Poems