Jr Fiction


1.    Avi, The Fighting Ground
2.    Bailey, Linda- How Can a Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail?
3.    Bailey, Linda- What’s a Daring Detective like Me Doing in the Doghouse?
4.    Banks, Lynne Reid- The Indian in the Cupboard
5.    Ballantyne, R.M.- The Coral Island
6.    Barrie, J.M.- Peter Pan
7.    Berton, Pierre- A Prairie Nightmare
8.    Berton, Pierre- Attack on Montreal
9.    Berton, Pierre- The Capture of Detroit
10.  Berton, Pierre- The Death of Tecumseh
11.  Berton, Pierre- The Men in Sheepskin Coats
12.  Berton, Pierre- The Railway Pathfinders
13.  Berton, Pierre- Trapped in the Arctic
14.  Berton, Pierre- Steel Across the Plains
15.  Berton, Pierre- Steel Across the Shield
16.  Carroll, Lewis- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
17.  Cook, Lyn- The Bells on Finland Street
18.  Coolidge, Susan M.- What Katy Did
19.  Crook, Connie Brummel- Flight
20.  Crook, Connie Brummel- Meyer’s Creek
21.  Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock- The Little Lame Prince and other Fairy Tales
22.  De Angeli, Marguerite- The Door in the Wall
23.  Dixon, Franklin W.-The Hardy Boys: The Tower Treasure
24.  Dixon, Franklin W.-The Hardy Boys: The House on the Cliff
25.  Dixon, Franklin W.-The Hardy Boys: The Secret of the Old Mill
26.  Dixon, Franklin W.-The Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums
27.  Dixon, Franklin W.-The Hardy Boys: Hunt for the Hidden Gold
28.  Elias, Mary- Grandmother’s Stories for Boys and Girls
29.  Ellis, Deborah- Mud City
30.  Emerson, Caroline D.- Father’s Big Improvement
31.  Fleischman, Sid- The Whipping Boy
32.  Funke, Cornelia- The Thief Lord
33.  George, Jean Craighead- My Side of the Mountain (x2 copies)
34.  George, Jean Craighead- Frightful’s Mountain
35.  George, Jean Craighead- On The Far Side of the Mountain
36.  Greenwood, Barbara- A Pioneer Christmas; Celebrating in the Backwoods in 1841
37.  Greenwood, Barbara- A Pioneer Story; The Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840
38.  Greenwood, Barbara- A Pioneer Thanksgiving; A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841
39.  Greenwood, Barbara- Gold Rush Fever; A Story of the Klondike, 1898
40.  Greenwood, Barbara- The Last Safehouse; A Story of the Underground Railroad
41.  Grimm, The Brothers- The Complete Fairy Tales
42.  Homer- The Children’s Odyssey (by Padraic Colum)
43.  Ibbotson, Eva- Island of the Aunts
44.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Attack in the Rye Grass
45.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- The Bandit of Ashley Downs
46.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- The Chimney Sweeps Ransom
47.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Defeat of the Ghost Riders
48.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Kidnapped By River Rats
49.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- The Mayflower Secret
50.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Spy for the Night Riders
51.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- The Thieves of Tyburn Square
52.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Traitor in the Tower
53.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Trial by Poison
54.  Jackson, Dave & Neta- Quest for the Lost Prince
55.  Kjelgaard, Jim- Big Red
56.  Lattimore, Eleanor F.- Little Pear
57.  Lawhead, Stephen R.- The Tale of Anabelle the Hedgehog
58.  Lewis, C.S.-The Magician’s Nephew
59.  Lewis, C.S.-The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
60.  Lewis, C.S.- The Horse and his Boy
61.  Lewis, C.S.- Prince Caspian
62.  Lewis, C.S.- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
63.  Lewis, C.S.- The Silver Chair
64.  Lewis, C.S.- The Last Battle
65.  Lewis, C.S.- El león, la bruja y el armario
66.  Lewis, C.S.- El caballo y el muchacho
67.  Little, Jean- From Anna
68.  MacDonald, George- The Princess and the Goblin
69.  MacDonald, George- Phantastes
70.  McGraw, Elois Jarvis- Mara Daughter of the Nile
71.  McGraw, Elois Jarvis- Moccasin Trail
72.  McLay, John- On Mountaintop Rock
73.  Milne, A.A.- The House at Pooh Corner
74.  Milne, A.A.- When We Were Very Young
75.  Mowat, Farley- Owls in the Family
76.  Murphy, Frances Salomon- Ready Made Family
77.  Norton, Mary- The Borrowers
78.  Rennison, Louise- Away Laughing on a Fast Camel
79.  Richardson, Arleta- In Grandma’s Attic
80.  Richardson, Arleta- Still More Stories From Grandma’s Attic
81.  Richter, Conrad- The Light in the Forest
82.  Snicket, Lemony- A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning
83.  Snicket, Lemony- A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room
84.  Snicket, Lemony- A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window
85.  Snicket, Lemony- A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Miserable Mill
86.  Snicket, Lemony- A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Austere Academy
87.  Speare, Elizabeth George- The Sign of the Beaver
88.  Spyri, Johanna- Heidi
89.  Taylor, G.P.- Shadowmancer
90.  Taylor, G.P.- Woodworm
91.  Taylor, Sydney- All-of-A-Kind Family
92.  Warner, Gertrude Chandler- The Boxcar Children
93.  White, E.B.- Charlotte’s Web
94.  White, E.B.- The Trumpet of the Swan
95.  Wiggin, Kate Douglas- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
96.  Wilder, Laura Ingalls- Little House in the Big Woods
97.  Wilder, Laura Ingalls- Little House on the Prairie
98.  Wilder, Laura Ingalls- Farmer Boy
99.  Wilder, Laura Ingalls- On The Banks of Plum Creek
100.  Wilder, Laura Ingalls- By The Shores of Silver Lake
101. Wilder, Laura Ingalls- The Long Winter
102. Wilder, Laura Ingalls- Little Town on the Prairie
103. Wilder, Laura Ingalls- These Happy Golden Years
104. Wilder, Laura Ingalls- The First Four Years
105. Yates, Elizabeth- Amos Fortune Free Man