Monday, June 13, 2011

"Evening Star" by Sigmund Brouwer (1994) - REVIEW

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For the next several weeks I will be reviewing an author I recently discovered... well actually I bought the whole series of books about 10 years ago and didn't get around to reading them unitl this year, so recent is relative I guess!
This week's pick is the first novel in the 'Sam Keaton- Legends of Laramie' series by Sigmun Brouwer.
Back Cover Blurb:
Samuel Keaton wasn't looking for trouble when he rode into Laramie. Like so many other cowpunchers on payday, having a good time was uppermost in his trail-weary mind. But a few short hours later he was in the saddle again-this time at full gallop and trailing blood and a posse.
In the aftermath of a gunfight he hadn't provoked, Samuel rediscovers that life on the run is a long gamble with uncertain returns. Aided by an enigmatic Indian, he must summon all his resources to evade not only the law, but the vengeful brother of the man he shot, a slick New York detective, and a roving band of Pawnees.
His only hope for survival lies in unraveling the puzzling tribal legend of Morning Star. But Samuel is uncertain how much he should trust the beautiful woman who holds the key, or what she really wants from him. Complicating matter further are the feelings he just can't ignore, and the nagging sense that there has to be more to a man's life than what he can see or touch.

Review: A true cowboy novel! Full of gun fights, marshals, 'Injuns', horse chases and buffalo, yet honest about personal weakness and failure (Sam Keaton always talks about the 'dime novels' that portray cowboys as invincible and how he has to practice really hard to shoot two handed, etc). The novel also includes historical figures and events mixed with the exciting fictional qualities the 'Wild West' demands. Two worlds collide as Sam Keaton tries to escape his past and the law, while Rebecca Montcalm dives headfirst into an unknown world in search of freedom, family and answers. At times the language seems too 'formal' and forced for the setting, but an all around easy and interesting novel.

My Rating: 3/5

Have you read "Evening Star" by Sigmund Brouwer? I would love to know what you thought!
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  1. I'm not normally a 'western' lover, but I might try these. I LOVED Sigmund's spec/sci-fi series BROKEN ANGEL and FLIGHT OF SHADOWS.


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