1.     Baker, Rachel- The First Woman Doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D.
2.     Berton, Laura Beatrice- I Married the Klondike
3.     Campbell, Maria- Halfbreed
4.     Day, Clarence- Life With Father
5.     Doss, Helen- The family Nobody Wanted
6.     Fay, Samuel Prescott- The Forgotten Explorer
7.     Gilbreth, Frank Jr. & Ernstine Gilbreth Carey- Cheaper By the Dozen
8.     Glaspey, Terry- C.S. Lewis; His Life and Thoughts
9.     Mowat, Claire- Travels with Farley
10.  Ninh, Boo- The Sorrow of War
11.  Needles, Herb- Pioneering the North
12.  Percy, Douglas C.- When the Bamboo Sings
13.  Porter, Alyene- Papa was a Preacher
14.  Richardson, Don- Peace Child
15.  Richardson, Don- Lords of the Earth
16.  Robinson-Smith, Tony- Back in 6 Years
17.  Specht, Robert- Tisha
18.  Steven, Hugh- The Night of the Long Knives
19.  Toole, Rose- A Promise Fulfilled; My Life on a Yukon Trapline
20.  Toole, Rose- A Promise Fulfilled; My Next Three Years on a Yukon Trapline
21.  Wiebe, Rudy & Yvonne Johnson- Stolen Life: The Journey of A Cree Woman
22.  Wiesel, Elie- Night
COLLECTIONS (by title)
23.  Communist Manifesto & Other Revolutionary Writings- Marx, Marat, Paine, Mao, Gandhi & Others
24.  Jesus Freaks- D.C. Talk (& the Voice of the Martyrs)