1.     Bunyan, John- The Pilgrim’s Progress
2.     Chaucer, Geoffrey- The Canterbury Tales
3.     Chaucer, Geoffrey- Troilus and Criseyde
4.     Chaucer, Geoffrey- Dream Visions and Other Poems
5.     Euripides- Medea and Other Plays
6.     Gassner, John- Medieval and Tudor Drama
7.     Goldsmith, Oliver- She Stoops to Conquer
8.     Marlowe, Christopher- The Complete Plays
9.     Milton, John- The Annotated Milton
10.  Milton, John- Paradise Lost
11.  John Milton: A Short Introduction (by Roy Flannagan)
12.  Shakespeare, William- Anthony & Cleopatra
13.  Shakespeare, William- Hamlet
14.  Shakespeare, William- Henry IV, Part One
15.  Shakespeare, William-  Henry IV, Part One (Intro by Harold Bloom)
16.  Shakespeare, William-  Henry V
17.  Shakespeare, William-  Julius Caesar (Intro by Harold Bloom)
18.  Shakespeare, William-  King Lear (Intro by Harold Bloom)
19.  Shakespeare, William-  Love’s Labour’s Lost
20.  Shakespeare, William-  Macbeth (Intro by Harold Bloom)
21.  Shakespeare, William-  Macbeth & Related Readings
22.  Shakespeare, William- The Merchant of Venice (Intro by Harold Bloom)
23.  Shakespeare, William- A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Intro by Harold Bloom)
24.  Shakespeare, William-  Othello (Intro by Harold Bloom)
25.  Shakespeare, William- Romeo & Juliet
26.  Shakespeare, William- Romeo & Juliet & Related Readings
27.  Shakespeare, William-  The Taming of the Shrew
28.  Shakespeare, William-  The Taming of the Shrew (Intro by Harold Bloom)
29.  Shakespeare, William- Twelfth Night
30.  Shakespeare, William- The Tempest
31.  Shakespeare-  O’Connor, Evangeline M.- Who’s Who & What’s What in Shakespeare
32.  Shakespeare- Packer, Tina & Whitney, John O.- Power Plays
33.  Shakespeare- Introducing Shakespeare
34.  Shaw, Bernard- Major Barbara
35.  Shaw, Bernard- Man and Superman
36.  Sheridan, Richard Brinsley- The School for Scandal (& Oliver Goldsmith- She Stoops to Conquer)
37.  Classic Comedies- Aristophanes, Plautus, Shakespeare, Moliene, Gogul, Feydeau & Shaw