1.    Alcott, Louisa May- Little Men
2.    Alcott, Louisa May- Little Women
3.    Atwood, Margaret- Alias Grace
4.    Atwood, Margaret- Oryx & Crake
5.    Austen, Jane- The Complete Works
6.    Austen, Jane- Northanger Abbey
7.    Austen, Jane- Persuasion
8.    Austen, Jane- Pride and Prejudice (x2 copies)
9.    Austen, Jane- Sense and Sensibility
10.  Bjorn, Thyra Ferre- Papa’s Wife
11.  Bronté, Anne- The tenant of Wildfell Hall
12.  Bronte, Charlotte- The Professor
13.  Brouwer, Sigmund- Evening Star
14.  Brouwer, Sigmund- Silver Moon
15.  Brouwer, Sigmund- Sun Dance
16.  Brouwer, Sigmund- Thunder Voice
17.  Buckingham, Marjorie- In All These Things
18.  Burnett, Frances Hodgson- A Little Princess
19.  Burnett, Frances Hodgson- The Secret Garden
20.  Calloway, Phil- To Be Perfectly Honest
21.  Chaikin, Linda- Port Royal
22.  Chaikin, Linda- The Pirate and His Lady
23.  Chaikin, Linda- Jamaican Sunset
24.  Chaikin, Linda- Silk
25.  Chaikin, Linda- For Whom the Stars Shine
26.  Chaikin, Linda- Daughter of Silk
27.  Chaikin, Linda- Monday’s Child
28.  Chaikin, Linda- Tuesday’s Child
29.  Chaikin, Linda- Wednesday’s Child
30.  Chaikin, Linda- Thursday’s Child
31.  Chaikin, Linda- Friday’s Child
32.  Chesterton, G.K.- Favorite Father Brown Stories
33.  Chesterton, G.K.- The Man Who Was Thursday
34.  Clancy, Tom- Debt of Honour
35.  Clancy, Tom- Executive Orders
36.  Clancy, Tom- Red Storm Rising
37.  Clancy, Tom- SSN
38.  Clancy, Tom- The Teeth of the Tiger
39.  Clavel, Bernard- Leyendas de Montanas y de Bosques
40.  Crane, Sephen- Great Short Works of
41.  Conrad, Joseph- Heart of Darkness & Other Tales
42.  Conrad, Joseph- Nostromo
43.  Defoe, Daniel- Moll Flanders
44.  Defoe, Daniel- Robinson Crusoe (x3 copies)
45.  Defoe, Daniel- The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
46.  Diamant, Anita- The Red Tent
47.  Dickens, Charles- The Nonesuch Dickens: Christmas Books
48.  Dickens, Charles- Bleak House
49.  Dickens, Charles- Dombey and Sons
50.  Dickens, Charles- Great Expectations
51.  Dickens, Charles- Hard Times
52.  Dickens, Charles- Little Dorrit
53.  Dickens, Charles- Nicholas Nickleby
54.  Dickens, Charles- Oliver Twist
55.  Dickens, Charles- The Pickwick Papers
56.  Dickens, Monica- My Fair Lady
57.  Du Maurier, George- Trilby
58.  Dumas, Alexandre- The Count of Monte Cristo
59.  Dumas, Alexandre- The Three Musketeers
60.  Edwards, Gene- The Silas Diary
61.  Eliot, George- Middlemarch
62.  Eliot, George- The Mill on the Floss
63.  Elwood, Roger- Dwellers
64.  Fielding, Henry- Tom Jones
65.  Frank, Pat- Alas Babylon
66.  Freedman, Benedict & Nancy- Kathy Little Bird
67.  Gaskell, Elizabeth- Cranford
68.  Gissing, George- New Grub Street
69.  Golding, William- Lord of the Flies
70.  Grant, Myrna- Vanya
71.  Haig-Brown, Roderick- Captain of the Discovery
72.  Hamilton, Virginia- Zeely
73.  Hancock, Karen- The Light of Eidon
74.  Hancock, Karen- The Shadow Within
75.  Hancock, Karen- Shadow Over Kiriath
76.  Hancock, Karen- Return of the Guardian King
77.  Hardy, Thomas- Jude the Obscure
78.  Hardy, Thomas- The Woodlanders
79.  Hawthorne, Nathaniel- The Scarlet Letter
80.  Henderson, Dee- Before I Wake
81.  Henderson, Dee- Danger in the Shadows
82.  Henderson, Dee- The Negotiator
83.  Henderson, Dee- The Guardian
84.  Henderson, Dee- The Truth Seeker
85.  Henderson, Dee- The Protector
86.  Henderson, Dee- The Healer
87.  Henderson, Dee- The Rescuer
88.  Henderson, Dee- True Courage
89.  Henty, G.A.- In The Reign of Terror
90.  Herbet, Frank- Dunn
91.  Homer- The Odyssey
92.  Hosseini, Khaled- The Kite Runner
93.  Hughes, Thomas- Tom Brown’s Schooldays
94.  Irving, John- The World According to Garp
95.  Johnson, Samuel- The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia
96.  Kelly, Clint- Deliver Us From Evil
97.  Kingsolver, Barbara- The Poisonwood Bible
98.  Kipling, Rudyard- The Jungle Books
99.  Kipling, Rudyard- Kim
100.               Krauss, Tracy L.- And The Beat Goes On
101.               Krauss, Tracy L.- My Mother The Man-Eater
102.               L’Engle, Madeleine- Meet The Austins
103.               Laurence, Margaret- The Stone Angel
104.               Lewis, C.S.- The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics
105.               Lewis, C.S.- Mere Christianity
106.               Lewis, C.S.- The Four Loves
107.               Lewis, C.S.- The Problem of Pain
108.               Lewis, C.S.- The Screwtape Letters
109.               Lewis, C.S.- Out of the Silent Planet
110.               Lewis, C.S.- Perelandra
111.               Lewis, C.S.- That Hideous Strength
112.               Lobel, Anita- No Pretty Pictures
113.               London, Jack- The Call of the Wild (x2 copies)
114.               London, Jack- White Fang
115.               London, Jack- The Portable Jack London
116.               Ludlum, Robert- The Lazarus Vendetta
117.               Ludlum, Robert- The Paris Option
118.               MacDonald, George- The Fisherman’s Lady
119.               MacKenzie, Henry- The Man of Feeling
120.               Marshall, Catherine- Christie
121.               Martel, Yann- Life of Pi
122.               Matas, Carol- Daniel’s Story
123.               Matas, Carol- Jesper
124.               McKay, Ami- The Birth House
125.               McNab, Andy- Bravo Two Zero
126.               Melville, Herman- Billy Budd and Other Stories
127.               Melville, Herman- Typee
128.               Mirsky, Reba Paeff- Thirty-One Brothers and Sisters
129.               Mitchell, W.O.- According to Jake and the Kid
130.               Mitchell, W.O.- Roses are Difficult Here
131.               Mitchell, W.O.- Who Has Seen the Wind
132.               Montgomery, Lucy Maud- Anne of Green Gables (x2)
133.               Montgomery, Lucy Maud- Anne of Avonlea
134.               Montgomery, Lucy Maud- Anne of the Island
135.               Montgomery, Lucy Maud- Anne of Windy Poplars
136.               Montgomery, Lucy Maud- Anne’s House of Dreams
137.               Montgomery, Lucy Maud- Anne of Ingleside
138.               Morris, Gilbert- Deep in the Heart
139.               Morris, Gilbert- The Yellow Rose
140.               Mowat, Farley- The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float
141.               Mowat, Farley- Never Cry Wolf
142.               Myers, Walter Dean- Fallen Angels
143.               Nixon, Joan Lowery- A Place To Belong
144.               Oke, Janette- Love Comes Softly
145.               Oke, Janette- Love’s Enduring Promise
146.               Oke, Janette- Love’s Long Journey
147.               Oke, Janette- Love’s Abiding Joy
148.               Oke, Janette- Love’s Unending Legacy
149.               Oke, Janette- Love’s Unfolding Dream
150.               Oke, Janette- Love Takes Wing
151.               Oke, Janette- Love Finds a Home
152.               Oke, Janette- The Tender Years
153.               Oke, Janette- A Searching Heart
154.               Oke, Janette- A Quiet Strength
155.               Oke, Janette- Like Gold Refined
156.               Oke, Janette- When Calls the Heart
157.               Oke, Janette- When Comes the Spring
158.               Oke, Janette- When Breaks the Dawn
159.               Oke, Janette- When Hope Springs New
160.               Oke, Janette- Beyond the Gathering Storm
161.               Oke, Janette- When Tomorrow Comes
162.               Oke, Janette- Once Upon a Summer
163.               Oke, Janette- The Winds of Autumn
164.               Oke, Janette- Winter is Not Forever
165.               Oke, Janette- Spring’s Gentle Promise
166.               Oke, Janette- The Calling of Emily Evans
167.               Oke, Janette- Julia’s Last Hope
168.               Oke, Janette- Roses for Mama
169.               Oke, Janette- A Woman Named Damaris
170.               Oke, Janette- They Called Her Mrs. Doc
171.               Oke, Janette- The Measure of a Heart
172.               Oke, Janette- A Bride for Donnigan
173.               Oke, Janette- Too Long a Stranger
174.               Oke, Janette- The Bluebird and the Sparrow
175.               Oke, Janette- A Gown of Spanish Lace
176.               Oke, Janette- Heart of the Wilderness
177.               Oke, Janette- Drums of Change
178.               Oke, Janette- The Red Geranium
179.               Oke, Janette & Bunn, T. Davis- The Meeting Place
180.               Oke, Janette & Bunn, T. Davis- The Sacred Shore
181.               Oke, Janette & Bunn, T. Davis- The Birthright
182.               Oke, Janette & Bunn, T. Davis- The Distant Beacon
183.               Orczy, Baroness- The Scarlet Pimpernel
184.               Orwell, George- 1984
185.               Orwell, George- Animal Farm
186.               Owl, Grey- The Collected Works of
187.               Palmer, Catherine- A Dangerous Silence
188.               Palmer, Catherine- Finders Keepers
189.               Palmer, Catherine- Prairie Rose
190.               Parrish, Wilton- To Find a Prince
191.               Peretti, Frank- Monster
192.               Peretti, Frank- Prophet
193.               Peretti, Frank- This Present Darkness
194.               Peterson, Tracie- Treasures of the North/Ashes and Ice/Rivers of Gold
195.               Pinkerton, Kathrene- Fox Island
196.               Portis, Charles- True Grit
197.               Rivers, Francine- The Atonement Child
198.               Rivers, Francine- Redeeming Love
199.               Salinger, J.D.- The Catcher in the Rye
200.               Schalesky, Marlo- Cry Freedom
201.               Schalesky, Marlo- Freedom’s Shadow
202.               Scott, Sir Walter- Ivanhoe
203.               Shelley, Mary- Frankenstein
204.               Smollet, Tobias- The Expedition of Humphry  Clinker
205.               Steinbeck, John- The Grapes of Wrath
206.               Steinbeck, John- The Red Pony
207.               Steinbeck, John- Tortilla Flats
208.               Stevenson, Robert Louise- Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
209.               Stevenson, Robert Louise- Kidnapped
210.               Stevenson, Robert Louise- Treasure Island
211.               Stoker, Bram- Dracula
212.               Stokes, Peggy- Olivia’s Touch
213.               Stowe, Harriet Beecher- Uncle Tom’s Cabin
214.               Surtees, R.S.- Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour
215.               Swift, Jonathan- Gulliver’s Travels
216.               Swonger, W.A.- The Trail of Tears
217.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Hobbit (x2 copies)
218.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Fellowship of the Ring
219.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Two Towers
220.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Return of the King
221.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Book of Lost Tales
222.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Children of Hurin
223.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- Unfinished Tales
224.               Tolkien, J.R.R.- The Silmarillion
225.               Trollope, Anthony- Barchester Towers
226.               Twain, Mark- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
227.               Twain, Mark- Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
228.               Tyler, Anne- Saint Maybe
229.               Ullman, James Ramsey- Banner in the Sky
230.               Urquhart, Jane- Away
231.               Virgil- The Aeneid
232.               Wharton, Edith- The Age of Innocence/ The House of Mirth/ Ethan Frome
233.               White, ‘Stroller’- Klondike Newsman
234.               Wick, Lori- Whatever Tomorrow Brings
235.               Wick, Lori- Sean Donovan
236.               Wick, Lori- Donovan’s Daughter
237.               Wick, Lori- Whispers of Moonlight
238.               Wick, Lori- Promise Me Tomorrow
239.               Wick, Lori- Every Little Thing About You
240.               Wick, Lori- A Texas Sky
241.               Wick, Lori- City Girl
242.               Wick, Lori- The Rescue
243.               Wiebe, Rudy- The Scorched-Wood People
244.               Wilde, Oscar- Collected Works of
245.               Wilde, Oscar- The Picture of Dorian Gray
246.               Wyndham, John- The Crysalids
247.               Wyndham, John- The Day of the Triffids
248.               Beowulf, The Oldest English Epic
COLLECTIONS (by title)
226.        101 of the World’s Greatest Books- Spencer Armstrong (ed)
227.        A Book of Canadian Humour- Complied by Robins & Ray
228.        All My Relations; An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Native Fiction- edited by Thomas King
229.        All Through the Years; Short Stories from Young Writers of Canada (Zak Krauss)
230.        Canadian Short Stories- Bennett & Brown
231.        Great Detective Stories- Doyle, Eustace, Bennett, Orczy & Freeman
232.        Heirloom Brides- Billerbeck, Coble, Fields & Hake
233.        Last Great Gold Rush, The; A Klondike Reader- Robert Service, Jack London & Others
234.        Prairie Christmas- Palmer, White & Stoks
235.        Prose & Poetry for Canadians Enjoyment- Chalmers, J.W. editor
236.        Reading for Pleasure- Cerf
237.        The Arabian Nights Entertainment- Homewood Publishing Company
238.        The Moral Compass- William J. Bennett
239.        The Book of Virtues- William J. Bennett