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"Silver Moon" by Sigmund Brouwer (1994) - REVIEW

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Today I am reviewing the second novel in Sigmund Brouwer's 'Sam Keaton Legends of Laramie' series; 'Silver Moon'. Also see my review for the first book 'Evening Star'.
Back Cover Blurb:
The fall of '74 was a bad time to start wearing a badge in Laramie. Try as he might, it seems to Samuel Keaton that, like his pay, too many things just don't add up. An unsolved bank robbery and a double murder only add to the frustration of knowing that many of the townspeople don't trust him.
To make matters worse, a fast-riding, hard-drinking band of ex-Confederate renegades sweeps into town, led by a bold outlaw as cold-hearted and tough as she is beautiful. And even if he can withstand her considerable charms, Keaton still faces the prospect of an explosive showdown-one that will test more than his skill as a gunfighter.
The stakes are high. So much is riding on the outcome and the only person who seems able to help is a doctor haunted by his struggles with sobriety. Now, as he considers his odds for survival, Samuel Keaton wonders if he'll still believe in the truth when all the dust has settled.

Life has changed for Sam Keaton and he now finds himself on the other side of the bars: as Laramie's new Marshall. A double murder and a bank robbery break in Sam's new career and nearly break him as well. Things heat up around town and good friends are made along the way including Doc and Jake, the newly hired, one-armed deputy. The more Sam digs, the more complicated things become. Will he lose his life and his new faith in the midst of everything? Though very predictable, that is what makes this 'cowboy' novel a fun read. I really enjoyed this second book in the 'Sam Keaton Legends of Laramie' novel and recommend it to all ages and genders.

My Rating: 3/5

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  1. You enjoyed it and recommend it but gave it a 3 out of 5. I suppose a five is life altering...? LOL


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