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"Tahn" by L.A. Kelly (2005) - REVIEW

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Back Cover Blurb:
Trained in his youth to be a mercenary but troubled by the deeds of his past, Tahn Dorn must now choose between the commands of a master and the urgings of his own good conscience. When his latest orders instruct him to kidnap Lady Netta of the House of Trilett, Tahn realizes that following his conscience won’t be easy, especially with the lives of his young students at stake.
As Tahn’s struggle continues, neither he nor Lady Netta can foretell the series of events that will unfold and change both their lives forever. Wrestling to understand Netta’s God, Tahn is filled with doubt, and Netta herself wonders how such a man is willing to risk his life for a ragtag band of little children.
The bravery of an unlikely hero, the love of an honorable lady, and the innocence of each wayward child resonate throughout this gripping tale of courage, faith, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Review: This novel was a little hard to get in to, but was easily finished. The initial wording and odd language choice took a few chapters to become rhythmic in my head, but once I was in the groove, the story was quite enjoyable. Sometimes, however, events and plot lines soomed to end abruptly or occur without enough cause which was distracting and disorienting. Overall it was an easy read and a good story.

My Rating: 3/5

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