Monday, February 28, 2011

"Kathy Little Bird" by Benedict & Nancy Freedman (2004) - REVIEW

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I bought this book because it is a "Mrs. Mike Novel". I am not really sure what that means anymore, because it kind of disapointed my expectations. I enjoyed the book, it just was not what I was thinking it was going to be and sometimes expectations can really taint a book!
Description: From her Cree mother, Kathy Little Bird has heard stories of her grandmother, Mrs. Mike. She has also learned to sing in the Cree tradition. It is a talent that will serve her well-and soothe her shattered soul-when she becomes a famous country music singer in the 1970s.
My Review: "Kathy Little Bird" recounts the journey of a native girl trying to find herself and live her dreams- neither of which seem to coincide very often. She is a real life character who makes mistakes, screws up and has regrets. I was expecting  more or a romantic-feel-good novel- which is not what I got. Instead, I found a true to life story of mistakes that haunt the future, but eventually work together for good. Because I was in the mood for a feel-good book, I did not really enjoy this book to its full potential. Perhaps one day I will have to pick it up again...
My Rating: 3/5
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  1. WOW! I am glad you did a review on this book..I was going to buy it because I am a book lover but when I read the introduction in the book store, it didn't catch my attention.

  2. Kathy Little Bird is actually the third book. There is one before it called The Search for Joyful which I liked better, although I didn't like either book as much as I liked Mrs. Mike.

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