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"All The Tea In China" by Jane Orcutt (2007) - REVIEW

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Back Cover Blurb:
Every good young Englishwoman knows that her destiny depends upon a good marriage match. But Isabella Goodrich is not your typical good young Englishwoman.
After an encounter with those less fortunate than she, witty and fun-loving Isabella makes a shocking decision.
Against everyone’s advice and wishes, she is going to become a missionary in the Far East.
Fighting against cultural expectations, common sense, and a mentor who is not as he seems, Isabella leaves her predictable Oxford life behind and sets sail to a new world fraught with danger.
Can she trust the mysterious missionary Phineas Snowe? Or will her adventure end before it even begins?
A delightful story for readers who like high adventure, twisting plots, and a hint of romance.
Review: The cover and the back cover blurb made it sound interesting. "All The Tea in China" by Jane Orcutt was disapointing, anticlimactic and at times, hard to get through. I confessed to my husband wanting to throw it aside after two pages, several grammatical errors and a misspelled word (I used to have a misguided sense of obligation to finish any book I picked up... I no longer have this problem as I value my time more). Self published? If only. This book was not worht the time. It would, however, probably be ok it you are just looking for a quick feel good romance.

My Rating: 0/5

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  1. Wow. That may be the first 0/5 I've ever seen!! The title was catchy, but I guess that was it . . .


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