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"Thunder Voice" by Sigmund Brouwer (1995) - REVIEW

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This week concludes my revies for Sigmund Brouwer's 'Same Keaton Legends of Laramie' series; 'Thunder Voice'. You can also see my reviews for the rest of the series: 'Evening Star' 'Silver Moon' and 'Sun Dance'.
Back Cover Blurb:
Marshal Samuel Keaton wasn't all that shocked when the town drunk was found with a bullet in his back. Especially since the old man was so far gone another shot of whiskey might have killed him anyway. So why would two of the thoughest Texas Rangers to fill a legend suddenly show up and start asking questions?
But just as the entire situation appears to be out of Keaton's hands, the dead man's niece arrive to beg his help in solving the crime. And while her Eastern charm and good looks certainly appeal to a small town marshal's sense of gallantry, her promise of a shared fortune once the old man's will is found is just as tempting.
What starts out to be a fairly simple infatuation and more money than he'll ever need, becomes a lot more complicated as Samuel begins to discover what's behind the fortune-and the convictions he may have to compromise to keep it.
The final novel in the Sam Keaton saga is anything but boring. Murder, intrigue, money and a rich widow try to seduce and defeat Same Keaton over and over again. The mystery behind a series of events that can no longer be called coincidence draw Keaton into a whirlwind tour that leads him far away from Laramie and everyone he loves. Will he be able to solve the mystery and return home alive? This exciting end to the series will keep you riveted until the end. Like the first three, parts are very predictable, but it seems to ad even more of an element of reality to the stories, and just enough 'cowboy' flare!

My Rating: 4/5

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