Monday, October 4, 2010

"Beneath a Southern Sky" by Deborah Raney (2001) - REVIEW

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Review: "Beneath a Southern Sky"(2001) by Deborah Raney really captured my attention and wrenched my heart. I couldn't rest until I knew what would happen and that everything would be alright. I literally cried through about 1/3 of this book. Sometimes in agonizing sorrow, sometimes in sheer happiness.
I thought about it all day while I was at work, read through my lunch hour and hunched over it late at night until I was finished.  This is a story of disobedience, redemption, heartache and true love.
After Missionary Daria Camfield's husband is reported dead, she returns to the United States as a widow with their unborn child. Several years later, after having remarried and begun her life anew, she receives the news that her first husband has been found alive in the wilds of Colombia. If you truly love your spouse, you will agonize with Daria as she has to make the hardest decision there is.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys being emotionally involved in their reading. You won't be able to remain detached from this story!  
My Rating: 4/5

Have you read "Beneath a Southern Sky" by Deborah Raney? I would love to know what you thought!
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  1. This sounds like a book I could enjoy. I stopped by and am following you now thanks for doing the same for me come back and check out our contest

  2. I discovered Deborah Raney's books in the last couple of years, I have not read this one yet.

  3. Sounds like an emotional read! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've subscribed to your feed so I can keep up with your posts!

  4. This sounds like a heartwrenching book! I will be putting it on the wish list for sure! I love books that are impossible to put down! Great review!

  5. I love books that grab you by the hand and don't let go! By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and following. I follow too.:-)

  6. This book sounds awesome! I love those gut-wrenching, emotional reads! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following me! I'm following you now, too, and looking forward to getting to know you better! Happy reading!


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