Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to The Benterud Bookshelf!

Welcome to the Benterud Bookshelf!
My name is Pris and I love books. It is more of an obsession really.
I have an English BA degree and am passionate about reading. I married an amazing man who also loves to read... so you can imagine what our romantic nights at home consist of... reading!

This is a blog for the discussion and review of all different kinds of books. What I have been reading, what I loved or hated and what I would recommend or warn against. I have a little journal that I review every book I read in and give it a rating of my own. I have been doing this for just over two years, and I thought it was about time that I started sharing my reviews with the outside world.

Above you will notice I have a bunch of pages... this is a list of every book on our bookshelf. I try to keep this list as up to date as possible... but new books always seem to be popping up! Feel free to browse through my "shelves" and let me know if there is a specific book you would like to see a review on.

My goals for this blog are as follows:

1. Read books off of my own bookshelf. My goal is to have read 75% of my Fiction & Non-Fiction bookshelf  by 2012

2. Keep track of the books I am reading

3. Post reviews of books I have read

4. Meet lots of amazing people who love to read and discuss literature!

5. (Eventually) host Authors and have book giveaways

 Is there a book you would like to discuss? A book you are eager to read but want to hear a review first? Let me know and I will try to accomodate. I would also love to here what YOU are reading and YOUR opinions of books I have reviewed... so drop me a comment!

Happy Reading!


  1. Welcome to the book blogging world! I love it and I hope you enjoy it too :)

  2. Welcome! I'm a new book blogger myself!

    Jen @ Overused Parentheses

  3. Your blog looks great.

    Our company has been representing authors for the past twenty years.
    We would love to add you to our database to receive press releases
    from them regarding books applicable to the genres you review.

    Thank you in advance,

    Ken Eason
    Bostick Communications

  4. Hey Pris! This is a great idea! I always love hearing what others are reading and what they suggest. I'm a (recently within the last yr) HUGE Jodi Picoult fan and just finished "Handle With Care" and it was a heartbreaker.


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